Ina Parson Online

When someone says they need a little retail therapy, most people think of how it brings joy from buying something for oneself. But, doesn't retail therapy just mean we need to go shopping?! We think so. Last year turned us all into online shoppers, simply from the fact we couldn't go anywhere! Americans shopped more online than ever before, and a lot of it was for pure retail therapy! Stuck at home and cooped up makes for unhappy people.

So why are we launching our online boutique now that everything is opening up? Simple. We came to realize that our customers prefer the online shopping experience.

Online shopping is wonderful for many reasons:

  • It’s convenient
  • Sending gifts is easier
  • You have more control and buy less
  • You can easily compare pricing
  • No crowds
  • No pressure
  • You can quickly contact our store for personalized attention.

Shopping of any kind stimulates the senses and our dopamine is released even before a purchase is made, which increases our desire to continue to seek out things that make us feel good (hence retail therapy being a favorite go-to!).

Online shopping can also ignite dopamine release in another way — waiting for the package to arrive. Think about retail subscriptions where you may not know exactly what’s being delivered in the box. The unpredictability increases your anticipation. When we buy for others, we also anticipate its arrival and their reaction to receiving the gift. 

Ina Parson Online Boutique brings you two categories to shop from, right now. But we will add much more in the coming months. Take a peek at our neoprene bags which are absolutely gorgeous and so easy to carry. They are lightweight and versatile. We can also customize your bag with embroidered initials. Additionally, our adorable hooded baby towels are a huge hit as baby gifts and can also be customized. We do not charge for our embroidery services, and gift wrapping is free.

For all of these reasons, and more, we bring you Ina Parson Online. Welcome to our boutique!

Before we go, please let us know why you like to shop online and we’ll send you a coupon for 15% off your first purchase with Ina Parson.